Small World, Small Works 2011

Small World, Small Works

Participating Artists

  1. "Old Man", Bethany Sweetman, Oroville, CA, Acrylic, $65
  2. "Bunny", Simone Senat &Josiah Sharman, Oroville, CA, Mixed media, $150
  3. "Breakout", Colleen Mullen, Paradise, CA, Acrylic, $100
  4. "The Speck", Mike Williams, Oroville, CA, Mixed media, $85
  5. "TV", Kyle Quarles, Chico, CA, Acrylic, NFS
  6. "Wild Storm", Pravada- Patricia -McCroskey, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $75
  7. "Butterfly Delight", Emily Livingston, Paradise, CA, Acrylic, $100
  8. "Self-Portrait", Bethany Sweetman, Oroville, CA, Acrylic and Screen Print, $100
  9. "Homo homini lupus est", Jan VanDePol, Helmond, The Netherlands, Oil on canvas, $950
  10. "Sundial Bridge", Ann Myers, Redding, CA, Acrylic, $75
  11. "Fog", Ayse Taskiran, Paradise, CA, Acrylic, $80
  12. "Fall", Ayse Taskiran, Paradise, CA, Acrylic, $80
  13. "Healing", Michael Davis, Chico, CA, Acrylic/Compressed charcoal, $100
  14. "Hunting Rodents", Brian Camareno, Chico, CA, $60
  15. Untitled, Sylvia Rodriguez, Chico, CA, NFS
  16. "Lillth", Caleb, Colombo, Chico, CA, Acrylic/Paint pen, $100
  17. "Beast Guide", Ashley Salazar, Oroville, CA, Pastel/Marker/Acrylic, $100
  18. "CAC Primary #1", Brenda Mitchell, Chico, CA, Oil, $118
  19. "Time to Honey Run", Tami Donner, Paradise, CA, Acrylic, $159
  20. "Canal Scene in Hendeloopen, NL", Linda Rethans, Chico, CA, Mixed media, NFS
  21. "A Day in the Sunflowers", Mary Shrank, Santa Clara, CA, Mixed media, $57
  22. "Horror Mask", Edwin Sosa, Gridley, CA, NFS
  23. "Butterfly in the Meadow", Lola Parks, Chico, CA, Acrylic paint/ink, $25
  24. "A Day in the Pen", Alison Shrank, Santa Clara, CA, Mixed media, $50
  25. "Do feathers make me look fat?", Lyn Callaway, Chico,CA, Watercolor, NFS
  26. "Bowl of Lemons", Liliona Burkett, Chico, CA, Watercolor, NFS
  27. "Basking in the Sun", Ian Lopez, Chico, CA, Photography of clay sculpture, $45
  28. "Spring", Kira Lopez, Chico, CA, Acrylic painting, $45
  29. "The Tulipans Face", Vicky Garcia, Chico, CA, Mix Medium, $100
  30. "Felicia", Maggie Towne, Chico, CA, Mixed Media, NFS
  31. "Compartmentalized Heart", Judi Forney, Cottonwood, CA, Oil, $150
  32. "Feelings Inside the Heart of Art", Julia Storz, Willows, CA, Acrylic, NFS
  33. "Ptygura", Pravada-Pat-McCroskey, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $100
  34. "Vibex Fila", Whitney Bandel, Manhatten, KS, Acrylic/Charcoal/Thread/Wire, $80
  35. "Artistic Comic", Erik Vickner, Sutter, CA, Graphite, $300
  36. Untitled, Amanda Ramirez, Chico, CA, $250
  37. "Bling&Ring", Erin Wells, Chico, CA, Acrylics, $25
  38. "Pigeon Plaza", Vivian Nestel, Redding, CA, Acrylic, NFS
  39. "Coral Reef", Mary Hammond, Anderson, CA, Acrylic, $120
  40. "Sycamore", Connie Graham, Red Bluff, CA, Acrylic, $125
  41. "A Day in Paradise", Ruth Hall, Paradise, CA, Oil Pastel, $120
  42. "Road Home", Julee Spohn, Oroville, CA, Acrylic/Collage, $125
  43. "CDP", Oliver Aisling, Chico, CA, Glass/Oil/Resin/Ink/Foil, $250
  44. "Sentinent Analogy", Donald Primer, Paradise, CA, Found Object Collage, NFS
  45. "Bamboo", Marilyn Bonney, Chico, CA, Oil, $90
  46. "Small World, Small Works", Virginia Gimbel, Paradise, CA, Oil, NFS
  47. "Analog Snow", Tanya Tarushka, Chico, CA, Mixed media, $250
  48. "Jeff's Bad Dream", Liz Mesones, Magaua, Photo Collage, NFS
  49. "Matisse Callas", Julee Spohn, Oroville, CA, Acrylic, $125
  50. "River Gems", Machelle Conn, Oroville, CA, Acrylic, $95
  51. "Requime for a Dream II", Charles I Perera, Redondo Beach, CA, Oil on canvas, $225
  52. "Segments", Gitta Brewster, Chico, CA, Mixed media, $130
  53. "Hibiscus No. 7", Kathryn Anderson, Orland, CA, Watercolor, $50
  54. Untitled, Carissa Leiber, Chico, CA, Oil, $125
  55. "Majestic Mountain", Susan McNair-Strawn, Oroville, CA, Acrylic, $55
  56. "Arcadia", Jon Schult, Oroville, CA, Oil, $150
  57. Untitled, Kit Jewell, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $135
  58. "If the Shoe Fits", Elissa Bereznak, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $45
  59. Untitled, Kit Jewell, Chico, CA, Acrylic/Wax, $150
  60. "Coolest Landscape with Blue Influence", Lynn Light, Oil, $200
  61. "Landscape in Warms", Lynn Light, Oil, $200
  62. "Floral Fuschia", Lynn Light, Oil, $200
  63. "Abstract Expressionist Influence Fuschia", Lynn Light, Oil, $200
  64. "Autumn Mosaic", Molly LittleBird Roe, Paradise, Ca, Mixed media/recycled material, $50
  65. "Cuisin Art Summer", Christy Strauch, Chico, CA, Paper, donated
  66. "Pears in a Bowl", Elissa Bereznak, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $45
  67. "Stormy Weather", Janet White, Paradise, CA, Acrylic, $195
  68. "Midas' Touch", Barbara Walter, Redding, CA, Acrylic, $65
  69. "Lone Tree", Dottie Turk, Redding, CA, Acrylic, $80
  70. "My Time", Mary Hammond, Anderson, CA, Acrylic, $200
  71. "Rings", Sarah Stoll, Redding, CA, Acrylic, $150
  72. "Last Light", Maureen Pena, Redding, CA, Acrylic, $125
  73. "Fractile Forest People", Jack Devine, Chico, CA, Oil/Acrylic, NFS
  74. "Ley Lines", Diane St. George, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $95
  75. "The Sequel", Sarah Stoll, Redding, CA, Acrylic, $150
  76. "Exploration", Susan Kirk, Chico, CA, Mixed media, NFS
  77. "Ladies of the 40's", Phyllis Ochoa, Redding, CA, Acrylic, NFS
  78. "I'm Ready", Jackie Keith, Redding, CA, Acrylic, $50
  79. "Rules. But I Thought You and I…", Katharine Sherman, Chico, CA, Acrylic, NFS
  80. "40 Lashings", Kinzie Davis, Yuba City, CA, Acrylic/Spray Paint/Paper, $175
  81. "Jessica", Michelle Sparks, Kansas City, MO, Watercolor, $85
  82. "Greta", Lori Stevens, Chico, CA, Mixed media, $90
  83. Untitled, Amanda Ramirez, Chico, CA, $250
  84. "Where have I seen you before?", Sarah K. Ward, Chico, CA, Oil, $50
  85. "Lassen Volcano National Park", Cris Guenter, Chico, CA, Acrylic, NFS
  86. "Tomorrow-Portage", Gail Davidson, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $159
  87. "California Contented", Darice Machel McGuire, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $125
  88. "Backyard Multiverse", Cordelia Meith, Durham, CA, Acrylic, NFS
  89. "Bidwell Mansion", Robin Lee, Chico, CA,Mixed media, $75
  90. "Jazz", Robin Lee, Chico, CA, Mixed media, $75
  91. "Koi", Katie Shrank, Chico, CA, Mixed media, NFS
  92. "Haley's Fish", Nancy Reid, Paradise, CA, Oil, $120
  93. "Sea Weed", Deborah Russel Vercammen, Mixed Medium, $125
  94. "Dia de los Muertos", Claudia A. Rivera, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $150
  95. "Our Foot Print", C. Angie Rivera, Chico, CA, Mixed Media, $150
  96. "Heart Strings", Olivia DeFiglio, Chico, Ca, CDs/Glass/Acrylics/Twine, $75
  97. "Stand for Something", Steve Zabala, Chico, CA, Acrylic, $150
  98. "Girls Run", Jon Cummins, Paradise, CA, Acrylic, Xerox transfer, vinyl flag remnant, $200


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