Contemporary Woman 6

Dear Friends,
Submissions of 245 artworks by 104 artists from around the country were viewed by our juror JoAnne Northrup who has selected 40 artists and 66 artworks for Contemporary Woman 6, they are:

  1. Marie Benedict- for Green Envy & Pine Plate
  2. Cynthia Sexton- for Orchid & Texas Two-step
  3. Barbara Simcoe- for He Opened Her Womb & Conversion
  4. Paula Beehner- for Bumper Crop, Clouded Mansion
  5. Gini Holmes- for Rincon, Folsom II, Folsom III
  6. Judith Williams- for Anxxiety & Juno
  7. Dee Boyd- for Northern Night
  8. Sandy Tramel- for Girl with Cherub #1 & Broken Jug
  9. Janet Weidel- for Ribbons and Shadows
  10. Belinda Hanson- for Dirt
  11. Garnetta Finnegan- for Delta Moods
  12. Donna Shock- for Sunday Fellowship
  13. Jamie Keshet- for Stone Hut
  14. Fay Grundvig- for Sierra Sentinel
  15. Lori Stevens- for Jody
  16. Maryann Steinert-Foley- for Girl with Raised Shoulder & Memento Mori
  17. Marion Bronson- for Into the Woods
  18. Hope Morgan- for Is the Book Dead? & Internal Clock
  19. Kimberly Piazza- for Free Tire Rotation & Relic & Double Axes
  20. Linda Smith- for The Grove Mandala
  21. Norma Lyon- for Intrepid
  22. Maya Delano- for Diamond in the Rough & Diamond in the Rough Multiplied & Diamond in the Rough Necklace
  23. Erin Wells- for Prickly Pear & Twisted Squash
  24. Marilyn Walsh- for Half a Head of Bok Choy & Pmegranate Pieces
  25. Shawn Rippner- for Salmon Bowl & Red Brown Bowl
  26. Ariel Rippner- for Old man
  27. Heather Larson- for Bed One & Bed Two
  28. Suzanne Lorenz- for North State & Bocce Ball & Persimmon Tree
  29. Jenifer Hornaday- for Pitchers in 3 Views
  30. Reta Rickmers- for Easter Dress 2
  31. Sharol Strickland- for Fat Tuesday & Vernal Dance & Surf
  32. Joan Goodreau- for Reflections 8th Ave. Tank House
  33. Lynette Hull- for Pine Thistle
  34. Patty Moriarty- for Wind Woman
  35. Jacqueline Tchakalian- for Adam & Brian & Peggy
  36. Tedo Best- for Strata
  37. Betty Benson- for Wave of the Past & Locked Out
  38. Sadie Card- for Fannie
  39. Dia Kimm- for Rainbow Vessel & Ice & Jewels
  40. Penny Terstegge- for Sistine Chapel Redeux

Awards and juror's talk will begin at 8pm opening night, May 26.

All artists above will be notified by email or telephone (if provided on entry form) otherwise a letter will be mailed out.

Note: A very special message for artists not selected by Ms. Northrup will be sent out this week so please check your mailboxes, email or voice mail in the next 3-10 days.

Thank you all for your participation in making Contemporary Woman a success each and every year,
Jon Cummins
CAC Gallery Director


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